Process & plant engineering

Our team provides a wide range of services in the field of process engineering.

We cover the implementation of all key processing technologies, including separation, mixing, evaporation, and drying.

From the very start of the project our team integrates the needs of our clients into the conceptual development of the system P&ID. A detailed P&ID, containing the specifications of all the necessary equipment, is finalized after the client’s approval.

We create a complete 3D model of the pressure equipment, piping and auxiliary structures, as well as provide final production drawings. Every part of the system is designed based on static calculation. This covers an analysis according to harmonized standards, and an FEA analysis in case of more complex parts. Also included is the notified body construction approval with regards to the Pressure Equipment Directive (EN13445, ASME, AD-Merkblätter).

We offer the customer a one-stop shop that covers communication, monitoring, and process control. By supervising  everything from project design and management to commissioning the processing plant, we make sure that our tailor-made solutions are the best answer to your needs.