About Us

The Probotica team is made up of highly qualified and successful engineers, scientists, managers, and external associates and consultants.

Along with creating innovative products based on the latest developments in science and technology, we also offer a wide range of services in the fields of robotics, mechatronics, and the process industry.

Probotica was established in 2019 with the combined experience of its founders in the fields of:

  • product development
  • project management and management of project organizations,
  • managing development projects and development teams.

The founders want to achieve a synergy of diverse but complementary skills, and offer the market superior services and innovative products.

We specialize in developing complex products and customized solutions in the fields of mechatronics and robotics. We successfully cover the fields of mechanical design, mechatronics, electronics, and software engineering.

With our network of partners, we are able to offer a complete and customizable product development service, including everything from basic research, technology development and system testing, to product launch and operational support.


The company's mission is to provide clients with technical support in project management and product development, and to help them successfully realize their ideas and potential. The goal is to create synergistic effects of diverse but complementary experiences, and offer the market top services and innovative products.
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We see ourselves as a go-place for managing complex technological projects and we aim to become a regional  center for research and development of new and innovative products in the field of robotics and mechatronics.
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PROBOTICA d.o.o. | Slavonska avenija 6A, HR-10000 Zagreb, Croatia
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Probotica d.o.o. established a quality management system (QMS) that helps us to achieve the overall goals – to meet the customers and organizations requirements. Probotica d.o.o. has a quality statement - Quality Management System Policy which expresses commitment to maintaining and permanently improving the management system.
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